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About Camp LOA

Founded in 1996 by Norm & Chantale Lapalme in Embrun Ontario. Camp LOA then acquired the perfect location to host it's camps and equestrian facility in Limoges Ontario.

Surrounded by their 15 horses, they also built  a beach volleyball court, miniature golf, cabins, and teepees for sleep over camps, a private lake lake all of that in the Larose Forest.

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This horseback riding day camp offers kids who never rode on a horse before and some with a bit more experience to enjoy a comprehensive 5-day experience. In fact, before and after camp are also part of the experience and require no additional cost to the parents. Opening and closing hours at 8 am to 5 pm. The horseback riding camps programming starts at 9 am and ends around 4 pm.
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Lauriane and Whisper
Lauriane and Whisper
One day mom, I will work at Camp LOA!!!

Camp LOA has become our daughter’s second family.  I never mind the 20-25 drive from Orleans to bring her to camp every morning and evening. Our daughter has attended this camp every year since she was old enough to participate and ride horses. She is so eager to go back, she’s counting the days before camp reopens. We are lucky to have Chantale and Sandro, two amazing human beings running this successful camp. They are both so passionate about what they do. You get a genuine feeling that they love all their clients, our kids equally.  Lolo, (my daughter) says that one day mom, I will work at Camp LOA!!! 

Johanne Lacombe
Orléans, Ontario

Doriane et Chance
Doriane  and Chance *
My daughter has attended Camp LOA for the past 7 years, and now she takes lessons…

My daughter has attended Camp LOA for the past 7 years, and now she takes lessons once or twice per week. She is so happy to have found her passion at such an early age.  She has made Camp LOA, her second home (mine too).  My daughter’s passion for horses and riding is so strong, that I started taking lessons too! The staff and the management is the key to their success over the past 25 years.  I highly recommend Camp LOA.

Patricia Rouillard
Limoges Ontario

Lea et Orville
Léa and Music
Greatest mother-daughter team ever...

Camp LOA is a local family business run by the greatest mother-daughter team ever. They make you feel  like you are part of their family.  They offer a warm and friendly ambiance.  Their professionalism, organization and their focus on safety is commendable. I can assure you that both, Chantale or Sandrella aka “Sandro” can adapt their teaching style to any age group or level naturally. One of Camp LOA biggest distinction is how they have highly qualified and trained staff. Everyone are so kind, devoted and committed to the given our children, a great summer experience.  Léa has gone to camp for more then seven years. I will always be grateful for the encouragement, flexibility, and the personal touch they have given my daughter.  Léa has now become a great little rider, even though she has always struggle with massive anxiety.  Today, our daughter can take what she has learned and apply the knowledge, experience, and practice to her own horse.

If you are looking for the best summer camp around or taking horseback riding lessons, you have found a place where everyone can learn, enjoy, and ride at their level.  I truly endorse and recommend CAMP LOA

Julie Normandin Grenier
Orléans, Ontario

Chantale  aka "Godzilla"

Camp LOA Director

Chantale St-Pierre Lapalme

  • Camp LOA founder *1996
  • 25 + years or working with over 15,000 kids
  • College Graduate in Childcare Education
  • Horseback Riding Coach
  • Mothers of 4 and Grand-mother of 2
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